Safety and Responsibility

Dunlap Towing Company emphasizes safety and responsibility in all of our operations. We believe it is our duty to protect the well-being of our employees, customers and the environment.

Safety First

Our employees are the heart of our company and it is our job to ensure that they are fully prepared to handle any situation that arises during the course of their work day. They receive regular on the job safety training in addition to scheduled specialty instructor led training and have access to state-of-the-art equipment and protective gear. We have implemented the Dunlap Safety Committee which meets regularly to discuss safety concerns and is made up of employees from all areas of the company including vessel and log yard operations as well as management. We also hold Dunlap Safety Management System Seminars which provide employees with thorough safety trainingĀ and retraining on a biennial basis.

We are committed to providing superior value by focusing on safety, quality and efficiency in the workplace. It is important to us that our clients receive the highest level of customer service and that their cargo arrives intact and on time without unnecessary delays.

We take our responsibility of securing the welfare of others very seriously and that includes our duty to protect the environment. We know that our actions today impact the environment tomorrow and are doing our part to ensure our equipment meets current emission and environmental regulations.

We are members of the American Waterways Operators Responsible Carrier Program and adhere to the safety provisions of the International Safety Management Code.

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