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Job Opportunities at Dunlap

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HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR   Seeking experienced Log Shovel Operator in the Olympia area. WORK AREA: Olympia, Washington ESSENTIAL DUTIES: Load and off load logs to/from trailers. Retrieve bundled logs from the water. Rearrange log bundles as necessary. Roll logs onto scales to be measured as necessary. Band trucks as necessary by pulling banding out of dispenser and tossing over load of logs. JOB REQUIREMENTS: Must have experience in loading log trucks and log bunks to weight/height. Willing to learn other areas of operation such as Log Stacker, Boom Boat, and Banding operation. Ability to operate a crimping gun. Light mechanical work a plus. Sitting, standing, pushing/pulling/lifting, climbing stairs, reaching above shoulder, repetitive feet and hand motions.     Competitive wage and benefits package. To apply, please submit your resume and completed application by email to     LICENSED ENGINEER   JOB SUMMARY   The Engineer is directly responsible to the vessel Master for proper operation and maintenance of all mechanical equipment on the vessel and its tow. The primary responsibility of the Engineer is to safely operate and efficiently maintain the vessel machinery.  The Engineer is accountable for all engine room tools and equipment. APPLY ONLINE:   ESSENTIAL DUTIES   Operational Responsibilities: The person in charge (PIC) will oversee the transfer of necessary fuel, water, and lube oil to the vessel. Any fuel transfer, oil transfer or bilge water transfer must be in accordance with oil transfer procedures. Routinely order machinery parts and engine room supplies on a timely basis.   Equipment Responsibilities: Repair all machinery and equipment on board the vessel within their capacity.   Reporting Responsibilities: Complete the daily engine log each day. Maintain the oil record book on vessels where required. Complete the Monthly Machinery Operating Report Complete a refrigeration temperature log for each barge that has aboard any running refrigeration units if the vessel is not carrying a refrigerator technician aboard. Complete and forward to the office work orders for all work, which is beyond the capability of the engineer.   Safety Responsibilities:   The Engineer must perform the following firefighting duties: Have knowledge of the maintenance, operation and discharging procedures for all onboard fire extinguishers. Ensure that all fire systems and extinguishers are...

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