Founded in 1925 by Gene Dunlap, Dunlap Towing originally hauled fish, grain, and straw from the Skagit River delta to the markets and flour mills of Seattle. The company expanded over the next 50 years into log towing, gravel barging, and numerous other services around the Puget Sound.

Dunlap teamed with two other partners in 1978 to form a freight company specializing in containerized and break bulk freight barging to Alaska and Hawaii. In addition to ocean freight towing, we began providing ship, vessel, and barge assist services in Dutch Harbor, Alaska.

Dunlap Towing Company has expanded over the past nine decades from a small three-tug business towing grain scows and logs to a fleet of vessels operating along the Pacific Coast and throughout the Pacific Ocean.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column]

Full Service Maritime Provider


Dunlap regularly tows to Honolulu, Hawaii and has been navigating the waters of Western Alaska for over 35 years even delivering barges to remote villages above the Arctic Circle.

Our three tugs in Dutch Harbor, Alaska provide assist services to vessels, ships, and barges calling on the port. We also provide assist services in the Puget Sound and are one of the only companies in the Pacific Northwest that provides full service log handling including towing, dewatering, and storage.

We have served the forest products industry for over 85 years sorting, storing and towing logs to mills around the Puget Sound. Our log towing operations have expanded into wood chip towing in specialized bin barges and chip handling at our Chip Reload facility in Everett, Washington.

The Company


We have grown since our beginning over 90 years ago, but we still uphold the same family oriented values on which were founded. We believe in relationships and are committed to preserving those that we have built with our customers, with our communities, and with our employees.

Our employees are our greatest asset. We recognize that as each individual member enhances his or her own skills, our entire team is strengthened. It is important to us that we maintain a workplace culture that is conducive to learning and encourages personal development.