Dunlap Towing provides ocean towing and assist services, Puget Sound and harbor towing and assist services, log towing, and chip reload and log yard handling services.

Dunlap Towing Services


Ocean Towing

Dunlap Towing Company provides general towing services along the coast to ports in the harshest regions of Alaska and throughout the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii and beyond.


Dutch Harbor Assist

We have three tugs stationed in Dutch Harbor, Alaska that provide ship, vessel, and barge assist services throughout the region.


Puget Sound Towing & Assist

We provide barge and log towing throughout the Puget Sound and along the coast to British Columbia, Canada. In conjunction with our Puget Sound towing, we offer vessel assist services including oil barge assist services at Cherry Point, Anacortes, and Tacoma, Washington.


Chip Reload & Log Yard

Our chip reload facility in Everett, Washington is equipped to receive truckloads of wood chips for grading, loading, and delivery by bin barge to mills around the Puget Sound and British Columbia.

Full log handling services are offered at either of our two log yards, where log product is received, stacked, stored, and prepared for further transport by truck or raft tow.



We have an exceptional Maintenance & Repair team at Dunlap Towing which allows us to perform a large percentage of our own mechanical work in-house. This includes not only general maintenance and repairs, but major overhauls and steel repair work. With great staff on hand, we get our boats serviced quickly so they can get back out to work.





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