At Dunlap Towing, we believe it's important to invest in quality equipment. Our tugboats are equipped with the horsepower to handle large barges on the open ocean and the agility to safely maneuver vessels in constricted rivers, channels or harbors. We have barges capable of hauling oversized equipment as well as bulk commodities and personnel with the knowledge and training to transport all types of cargo.

Quality Equipment


We have tugboats capable of serving any maritime need including two tractor tugs, one of which is our newest fleet member, a 101’ tractor with over 6700 horsepower. For full lists of our ocean tugboats visit our Ocean Fleet page. Puget Sound tugs can be viewed on our Puget Sound Fleet page and harbor tugs on our Harbor Fleet page.


Dunlap operates 10 barges for moving bulk commodities around the sound and along the coast.

Chip Reload & Log Yard

Land-based operations require specialized equipment such as Letourneaus for dewatering and handling logs, push dozers for moving chips, and conveyors for loading barges.

For Sale

Equipment currently available for purchase.

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